Huawei Watch 3 Review

7 July 2021

The Watch GT 2 Pro was Notably the best smartwatch model by Huawei in the market. Plus, it was available on an outstanding deal of just t €299.

And now Huawei is back with its latest Watch 3 Pro. It’s a smartwatch that comprises almost everything that made its predecessor great. Plus, it features a variety of new specs as Huawei shifts over its wearable lineup to HarmonyOS.

Following the legacy, the Huawei Watch 3 Pro comprises impeccable design quality. The mounting is titanium, the top is sapphire glass, and the backside is ceramic. The blend makes this Watch light-weighted and durable. The top sapphire glass seems unguarded but should be invulnerable to scratches, and the backside ceramic feels silky-smooth to the skin.

Cost and Launch Date

The Watch 3 will be releasing on June 18 in the UK, starting with £349.99. Its pre-order bookings are running from June 2-17. Pre-order bookings will avail a discount of £20, and a pair of Huawei Freebuds Pro free.

Also, Huawei will be launching a bigger and more costly Watch 3 Pro. The Huawei Watch 3 Pro will start from £499.99 and release on June 28. A similar pre-booking period running June 2-27 applies for the Huawei Watch 3 Pro too. Pre-bookings will get £50 off, plus Huawei Freebuds Pro earbuds free.

The Watch 3 model will be rolled out directly from the company and by selected retailers in the UK.


Download the Huawei Health application on your Android or iPhone. Then connect the Huawei Watch 3 to the Bluetooth, with different degrees of functionality.

While the former Huawei smartwatch functioned either LiteOS or Android Wear, the Watch 3 functions both. With its full-power look, it supports the app via the slick menus, Watch’s AppGallery, and an Apple Watch-style framework of applications. Switch to the watch’s power-saving mode, and the watch starts saving battery. The outcome is HarmonyOS 2.0, which runs on an umbrella operating system,

While smart-mode avails third-party app downloads, call functionality, streaming music, and much more. Huawei’s navigation app, Petal Maps, is also assumed to build on the Watch 3 from July.

What’s Nice about the Huawei Watch 3 Pro?

  • The Huawei Watch 3 Pro has Dual GPS for enhanced location accuracy
  • It has a Titanium body along with sapphire glass
  • The Watch 3 Pro comprises great battery life that lasts up to 21 days.

What is Bad About it?

Most of the grumbles with the Watch 3 are concerned with the software. However, HarmonyOS typically functions well. This starting launch of the software isn’t bugs free. Plus, it has some other problems that come during daily use.

Initially, the starting setup pushes you to install the upgraded Huawei Health app. Don’t get confused with the previous version on Google Play. Because, according to U.S. sanctions on Huawei, it can’t get updated, so it doesn’t support this latest smartwatch. Though the QR code given on the wearable doesn’t work, so I had to search for Huawei’s support website. And then, I was able to install the APK. Installation was comparatively smooth from there, but its first impression was bad.

Additionally, whatever I attempt to install, the Watch 3 refused to download by complaining about the connection. A 160Mbps speed should be sufficient to install a few Mb firmware, but it refused to budge until it gets paired to a mobile hotspot.

Watch 3: Alternatives

The Watch 3 is efficient to rank higher against several good Android wearables this time. Its major competitor in the Android world is the Galaxy Watch 3. It claims a greater application ecosystem and seamless integration with Samsung’s phones.

If you’re looking for a more lightweight task-oriented alternate, then the cost-effective Galaxy Watch 2 could be worth checking out. Its long battery life will probably less than that Huawei gives, but it arrives in a lighter and smaller package. It also supports charging over the Qi standard.

If you are looking for a money-saving deal, the Fossil Gen 5E is a better option. Gen 5E, however, doesn’t comprise specs like LTE and GPS, still gives an excellent core experience. It has merely one-day battery life, but it is cheaper in cost. All thanks to Google’s Wear OS for leveraging people with such a nice wearable at affordable prices.

It’s worth noting Google’s latest Wear OS, which is being developed in association with Samsung. The latest smartwatches, including Google’s Fitbit-powered watch and Galaxy Watch 4, are both assumed to be launched later in 2021. If you’re greatly focused on either ecosystem, it may be better waiting to view what launches later in this year.

Should You Buy This?

Definitely if …

  • You’re searching for an overall excellent smartwatch.
  • Long-lasting battery life is a preference.
  • You want a model that fits well with any sort of strap

Of course not, if…

  • Your wrists are very thin.
  • You are looking for the best Samsung or Google integration in a smartwatch
  • You prefer the best voice assistant on your smartwatch

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